Can you remove someone from a committee without mentioning it in the minutes? Apparently yes, at the WHNC:

Most recent recording of the Joint Environmental Committee Meeting where they passed a motion to write a letter to the State of California about Dan Hirsch, "because he dissed us."


RECORDING LINK MAY/Maggie tried to show the map

RECORDING LINK Disparaging other board members for personal gain.

Alec is the Chair of the CAG, the Community Advisory Group which was created through a State process under Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.8 for Superfund. Alec petitioned against the CAG but after it was created, he joined and took over while compensated by the polluter to "change hearts and minds."

Alec is also a forever board member of the West Hills Neighborhood Council and co-chairs the Environment Committee who's stated purpose is to protect the environment of West Hills. But when parents representing 50 children with cancer came to the committee to show their map of 50 local pediatric cancer cases which are off the charts as far as so many rare cancers living in one area. 

According the Rosenberg's Rules of Order which govern Neighborhood Councils, they are supposed to allow for a minority dissenting opinion. But not in Alec's committee. No contrary views are allowed to be heard. Personally I have tried for more than five years to make a presentation contrary to their position that radiation is good for you. I was kicked off the CAG instead. I was promised on multiple occasions that I would be allowed to make a presentation, but that promise has never been kept.

According to City Of Los Angeles Ordinance 176704 which governs the citywide system of Neighborhood Councils and states that no person shall serve more than eight consecutive years in this governing body, yet the West Hills Neighborhood Council which is advisory-only, passed by-laws that say that there are no term-limits. 

How can an advisory body supersede the Ordinance passed under City Of Los Angeles?

I was told by Kathleen Quinn that they operate independently and each by their own set of rules and that LA City has no control over that. 

What that means is: City of Los Angeles created 96 Neighborhood Councils which are able to operate outside policy and the rule of law. Why? It sounds like convenient cover for almost anything. Here are a few examples:

Sometimes the worst environmental monster is local government that lacks accountability:

Policies not followed:

Rosenberg's Rules of Order

Conflicts of Interest allowed

Control of Agenda for years at a time

Position used to gain personal benefit

Receiving gifts of compensation from polluter

Term Limits based on City policies not followed so the topic is controlled for a decade by a small group of people.

People are harassed and kicked out/humiliated publicly by committee chairs without regard for policy or civilized decorum.


All because it helps Boeing, DOE, and NASA who own the property.

Alec isn't even a City of Los Angeles resident, but maintains all of these roles so that the public narrative can be controlled to the benefit of the polluters.

Declared "invisible" by the committee chair for referring to the polluter as a polluter. 

Public Comment denied

Votes based on falsified documents to insinuate that all options are compliant with state signed agreements. [FALSE]

How can West Hills Neighborhood Council get away with this? Good Question that we asked the Managing Deputy City Attorney responsible for Neighborhood Empowerment. Here was his response:

More examples of bully behavior to silence the public narrative to support the long promised cleanup which was supposed to be completed by 2017 but still hasn't started.

Steve Randall and Alec Uzemeck removed Bonnie Klea from the Environmental Committee because her opinion opposed theirs. They did so on the basis of words spoken by someone else, that occurred after a meeting in the parking lot when there was no quorum. Here is what Steve Randall said to Jon Berg in the parking lot. Jon Berg is the third West Hills Baseball Coach to have multiple myeloma. 

I never thought an elected member could be removed by another elected member because they didn't like what a third person said. Also, no one ever "counseled Bonnie."


Some of the most effective environmental monsters in blocking public awareness are local government representatives who work with the polluters. For the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, one such person is Alec Uzemeck, but there are many who are either directly or indirectly compensated financially or with in-kind gifts by the polluters. Most blatant of them are the Department of Energy who funds the CAG with no requirements other than to "speak with one voice for the entire community," and specifically for the purpose of removing community conflict.

In other words, remove the people who want cleanup and there is no cleanup.

Sent by Steve Randall the following day: