When the regulator works to defend the polluter

What happens when the polluter is a perceived "innocent bystander" to the dirty deeds that created the legacy of toxic waste at Santa Susana Field Laboratory?

Many will make the argument that it isn't the fault of the aerospace giant who purchased the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in 1996 for the multi-hundred-million-dollar cleanup contract. As a federal contractor who also owned the site, that would make for a non-compete climate that would be very profitable. 

Under this arrangement, Boeing could comfortably "investigate" the site for decades, making money in federal reimbursement all while being paid to clean up their own property. A sweet deal that may have at one point back-fired as it appears that the federal partners aren't so "partnery" any more. 

Court Decision on SB990 where Boeing stood in the shoes of their federal partner, Department of Energy, to claim standing to fight SB990 despite being a private entity claiming government immunity.

Christina Walsh 11/27/18